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Panorama of Nubble Light

Panoramas that are built from taking a bunch of pictures and then assembling the sections in stitching software is an art in itself. It takes a good eye for details, good stitching workflow and usually lots of RAM. HDR panoramas are even more workflow intensive as each section of the pan shot will consist of several exposures. To see a pan shot on the monitor doesn’t do it justice. To really appreciate it you must view it large on a wall and as your eyes scan back and forth you will have the feeling of being there.

 This shot of Nubble light is made from twenty shots. Four sections, 5 exposures each section.


  • JAM - May 30, 2007 - 11:42 am

    My friend, all I can say is, your time was well spent on the work it must have taken to end up with such a beautiful shot. Just beautiful.ReplyCancel

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