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These are my tips to moving the needed files from Adobe Photoshop CS6 to CC on a Mac.

LR nicely downloads and installs itself, all my Develop Presets transferred into CC, no problems.
1. PS does the same but you have to unzip Bridge. It’s easy, just open PS and go to File>Browse in Bridge. I couldn’t figure out why there was not app Icon in the applications folder for Bridge but once that was done it worked.
2. Go to finder and open a window for CS6 version: Applications> CS6 > Presets. Then open another window Applications> Photoshop CC > Presets.  You’ll see the same folders plus a few. I simply opened each folder in CS6 and dragged each preset I created into the same CC folder.
3. Go to finder and open User Name > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Presets >  open each folder and drag drop each of your custom presets into the same folder in CC.
4. For your plugins like Alien Skin and NikSoftware it’s best to create an alias which points back to the plugin (I researched this). Go to the plugin folder and right click on the folder, Alien Skin for example, when the window opens select Make Alias, a new folder is added to the plugins list, it has a little arrow on the folder indicating it’s an alias. Drag the alias folder into CC plugins folder.
When I opened CC and LR I found all my stuff.
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