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Copyright Violation

It’s nice to have the sharp eye of others that know your work and recognize when an image has been ripped off. My daughter Amanda sent me a link with this message, “”Ummm….shouldn’t this be “photo by Ferrell McCollough???” Saw it on my friends Facebook.”” My image was posted by Manzz on Flickr, then “Positive Thinking” on Facebook used the image for an inspirational message and gave Manzz the photo credit. I’m ok with someone posting an image of mine if its non-commercial, all I ask for is a photo credit. It’s frustrating when someone else takes credit for my photography.

Chesapeake Bay sunrise image with watermark photo credit given to another photographer in violation of copyright.

Taking and using an image is one thing, adding a watermark with your own name for the photo credit is a bold violation of copyright.



  • Rick Lush - March 26, 2013 - 7:38 pm

    What has been the outcome, if any, of this violation?
    Hi Rick, I emailed flickr 2 times and never heard back so that was a bust. Image theft is apparently not taken seriously by flickr. I also contacted “Positive Thinking” and they took no responsibility and stated that it is a problem with me and Manzz. At least they got back to me. Finally, I sent Manzz several messages and got no reply. Thank you for asking, Ferrell.


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