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Death Valley, Badwater Panorama

My original approach to visiting Death Valley was like any other photography trip I’ve taken. Get up early, shoot the sunrise, drive some, shoot the sunset and then settle in for a good nights sleep. After learning that DV (Death Valley) got really dark at night I thought that a whole new opportunity was possible. Night photography could be my new passion but I had a looming awareness that you can’t see at night while roaming around alone in the desert. You can’t see what’s lurking, it will surprise you and get you without much warning. Ok, I’ll just carry flashlights, 2 should do it, nay maybe 3, well fast forward to DV; I ended up carrying 5 LED lights.

This pic is a pano taken at Badwater about 11pm. It’s 4 verticals at 14mm focal length. It’s not totally dark because the moon is still up but it’s dark enough to make you wonder what’s out there. The wind was blowing pretty hard but I kept on task and shot until about 1am.


  • JB - November 9, 2012 - 2:07 pm

    Tremendous Ferrell. Worth the risk. I’ll bet you had a great time there, especially with your background in geology.ReplyCancel

  • ME Martin - November 11, 2012 - 1:28 pm

    I really enjoy reading of your inspirations for creating, experiencing, and capturing new images – and of course how you make it happen. “Where the wild things are” – the geology revealed, the elements expressing themselves at different times, different places, all Universal in their ways.ReplyCancel

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