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Crazy Fun

Girl with her dog heading for Crazy Fun.


  • Charles Maclauchlan - March 13, 2008 - 3:04 am

    I was referred to your site by John Barclay. I have not become an HDR fan yet, perhaps never will but I am interested in this image very much. You seem to have a bit of the “Edgyness” I affiliate with the HDR process, particularly around her face and hair. But, this is a picture of a moving person indicating that multiple shots weren’t involved. How did you expand the range of this image?

    I like this image very much.


    A first method is go with single image tone mapping. The local detail enhancements give the image a surreal look.
    Another method is to use Filter>Other>High Pass in Photoshop. Depending on the resolutions of your image set the pixel level in the High Pass window to 1-6. It just requires testing and you might have to back it out and try again. You can set the blend mode to color, color dodge or vivid light. It varies from image to image but I go through them all.

    Now that’s the beginning. Once I use an effect I then decide where it looks good and where it doesn’t. If the clothing looks good and not the skin then I’ll use a mask to blend out the skin in that layer. I often apply different tone mapping effects or High Pass effects to the image, for example the sky might look good with this effect but the building looks good with this effect. The image becomes a mix of different effects. This step is what makes the image more than just a filter effect and uniquely your own.

    I hope this helps. I use Photomatix for HDR work and if you put in “beforethecoffee” in the coupon box at the Photomatix site, you’ll get an instant 15% discount.

    Also my book is available on HDR from Amazon.ReplyCancel

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