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Bermuda is a great vacation place! It can be a little expensive but it’s safe because everyone has a high paying job thanks to tourism. You get back what you give.

When you get there rent a scooter. Everyone in Bermuda has a scooter even the locals. It doesn’t matter if they are in a suit & tie or dress & high heels, they ride their scooter. All the tourists, like me, rent scooters but they give us the slow ones. Mine would only go 25mph but the locals have 50mph scooters.  As you meander through the narrow roads it’s a constant beep-beep and whiz-around from the locals. They seem to have no fear slipping between you and an oncoming scooter.

Don’t forget, they drive on the wrong….I mean the left side of the road. Driving on the left is easy to do but it requires at least one mistake that brings you within an inch of death to really solidify the habit.


  • Lori - April 13, 2007 - 1:35 pm

    My husband just bought me a NikonD80 and I am novice novice novice but I have always wanted to be a photographer and ready to make that dream a reality! Are you a professional photographer? I am mesmerized by your shots – I read your tutorial on HDR/taking the shots. Is there a program you would recommend? (photomatix?) I have Photoshop7, a little over my head and aCdC, limited. Wish I had stumbled across you before our 2 week trip to Italy, where I took 600+ pics with my brand new camera, not really knowing yet what I’m doing…would have loved to been able to have multiple shots on a lot of the pics I took. I love the paint effect? on Bermuda scooter…how did you do that? I visited Bermuda twice with my parents when I was a child, beautiful memories. And now you have me quite enamored with 9 beaches!! You have incredible talent. Bellisimo!ReplyCancel

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