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Washington D.C. Fourth of July

The Fourth came and went with a bang, it was really hot but worth it. The last time I went to DC to take pics of the fireworks I was shooting Velvia-50 film. Remember those days. This year I headed down with my friend Kirk on the Metro and we set up along the Potomac River in a spot with a view of the Lincoln Memorial adjacent to the Washington Monument. This was a great spot and we weren’t the only ones that thought so. The show went really fast, about 18 minutes based on my first pic to my last. I was surprised how fast $500,000 of fireworks went up in smoke. There was a couple in the row boat having a romantic date and drinking steadily, I thought if the boat tipped could I swim out there and make a rescue? I would be a hero and cool off at the same time. They didn’t capsize but they drifted in my view finder and now they are famous.




An iPhone pic along the Potomac in late afternoon.

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