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Chesapeake Bay Surf

As photographers we all watch our subjects to capture them during the best moment. Heck, even non-photographers know the decisive moment when a kid blows out the birthday candles. But where is the decisive moment in landscape? I approach the answer by asking myself, what is changing, what is moving… then I observe the scene without taking any pics. For this pic, I gave my primary attention to the waves as they crashed, I wanted some action, but I also liked the swash on the beach. I couldn’t very well time the two together so I watched the wave as it curled, just as it crashed I shot each image set. This is the -1EV image that I tonemapped in Photomatix. Have you tried Photomatix? You can download a trial version and if you decide to buy it my coupon code will give you a 15% discount (beforethecoffee).

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